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Advice for New Freelancers

February 13, 2011

If you’re new to freelance design and seeking advice on pricing, writing contracts, potential-client vetting, and other aspects of running your freelance business, I have some long-considered advice to offer.

You are not ready. Stop what you’re doing and go (back) to work for an agency or in-house for a company for a few years and learn those things the way a professional is supposed to learn them: from direct experience among seasoned professionals.

If you're ready to become a freelance professional you already know all of these things and don't need anyone's advice. Freelance is for seasoned professionals only.

* * *

Update 2/14/11
Some notes I've received indicate that some think I'm being obtuse here. On the contrary, I'm trying to help; this is meant to be my very best, helpful advice. If followed, you'll have a much more successful career and will experience that success far earlier than you otherwise might. If you're trying to pick a fight, go do it with someone who's blowing smoke up your butt with lies to keep you in unprofessional practice.

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