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Curations from Unit Interactive

October 8, 2010

I work with some smart folks and as a group we tend to be rather enthusiastic about sharing our ideas and opinions. We often write about best practices and professional behaviors as related to projects, agencies, or the design world in general. Since we live these ideas and standards every day and are familiar with the success they facilitate, we feel good about sharing them with others.

Presenting Process, first in the Curations series from Unit Interactive.

We know from the emails and notes of thanks we receive and from references we find on other websites that people often use our articles and ideas as the basis for shaping or refining their approach to their own work. Moreover, many universities, colleges, and design schools often use our articles to augment or even as the basis for their course syllabi. And since the whole reason we share our ideas is to spark thought, examination, and positive change, these things make us very happy.

While we write about a wide-ranging topic selection, one would have to keep up with several sources over time to find thematic groupings of essays. As such, the ideas we’re articulating are probably diluted and it may be difficult to perceive a Gestalt. So we’ve taken steps to rectify this problem.

The Curations Series from Unit Interactive

Yesterday we released Process, the first in our series of thematically-curated essays we're calling Curations. We’ve taken what we believe to be the most useful and thought-provoking essays that we’ve written across several sites and are republishing them in groups according to specific professionally-relevant themes.

Process is the first, dealing with craft and project process issues; soon to be followed by Interference, which will cover some of the widely-held, problematic ideas and practices among design professionals and their clients. Future Curations groupings will include issues of craft, culture, logic, and perhaps more. Our thought is that these thematic groupings will allow for a more contextually-relevant and more comprehensive examination of our thoughts and standards on these issues.


As I mentioned earlier, we live and daily put into practice the things we write about. We believe that our ongoing and growing success is due in large part to our adherence to these standards and ideals. We could keep these components of our practice secret and thus work to gain greater advantage over our competitors, but we prefer to share with others for the sake of our profession. We hope that a rising tide will lift all boats, as it were.

Positive change in our profession means positive change for everyone’s clients in the business world and beyond. We believe that working toward positive change is our responsibility. We view our Curations series as a vital component in that effort and I sincerely hope that you find them appetizing and useful.

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