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Design Pro Thanks

June 20, 2011

I must say that I have sincerely enjoyed the past thirty days. Exactly one month ago I published Design Professionalism: the designer’s guide to taking back your profession. Since that time, I have received a flood of kind emails and Twitter messages, with notes of thanks and encouragement that have kept me smiling every day. Despite the fact that it’s free online, sales of the eBook formats have been quite good. In all sincerity, you guys have made my day, my week, and my year. Thank you!

I cannot adequately express just how good it feels to see folks responding to the treatise in such an affirming and receptive way. I wrote Design Professionalism because I had a very clear sense that the ideas, information, and standards it conveys are greatly needed in our profession, for the evidence I have for years seen almost daily is highly compelling. So I’m encouraged by even this very early response to the treatise and it has given me some small sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to know that its ideas are taking hold.

Among the notes I’ve received, many are from freelancers and even agency principals, telling me that as a result of reading the treatise they’ve begun to change their practices and reconsider some of their longstanding ideas. One agency principal, even before the publication of my treatise, confessed to me that he had for some time been studying these ideas in my previous articles and had taken them to heart. This led him to make drastic changes at his agency, changing some of the foundations of his business model and even staff makeup. He didn’t ease into these changes. Instead he announced a month in advance what was coming and then made the switch toward the models and standards that comprise the core message of Design Professionalism. He reports that since that time things are going great and that he and his staff are much happier (I really hope he writes a case study article about it one day). Now, is that great or what?!

These sorts of messages and tales are wonderful to hear and I’m very happy for the folks involved. I hope that this scenario is replicated hundreds of times over in the coming months and years among people and agencies throughout the design profession. This is, of course, the whole reason I wrote my treatise; to help professionals to cultivate improved results, satisfaction, and quality of life. It is overwhelmingly rewarding to see the blossoming and first blush of fruit in that garden.

As I mentioned, sales of the eBooks are quite good and I thank you for your purchases. I’ve had some requests for an audio book version and I find that idea interesting. To do that I’ll have to consider the a few things to ensure it’s worth the effort and investment (mine and yours). In any event, I’ll likely tweet something more definitive about that in the coming days or weeks.

So to conclude and say what I believe is worth saying at least one more time: thank you. Thank you for your kind notes, Twitter love, and purchases. I’m glad that so many of you have enjoyed Design Professionalism and I sincerely hope that it has a positive impact on your thinking, practices, prospects, satisfaction, quality of life, and your profitability.

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