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A Groovy Little Unit

Those who visit my site regularly know that in April I left the agency where I had worked since 2004. At that point I immediately began to take on freelance work and hung out a shingle under the name, UNIT. You may remember that at that time I wrote about taking the plunge into freelance work, but I noted that while I was committed to developing my own practice, I was not content to be a solo freelancer for long. I had larger aspirations.

Well, over the last couple of months things have progressed steadily and that vision I alluded to those few weeks back is beginning to be realized. Unit has undergone some changes in character and makeup; some in full view, others behind the scenes. And as of today, Unit Interactive, LLC has officially launched.

The most significant and positive change to Unit has been the addition of my design and business partner, Angela Conlon. Angela and I had worked together for the past 3 years and when I left the agency where we worked, I sorely missed our collaboration. She is one of my very best friends and a formidable designer and front–end developer.

We’ve kept this under wraps for a bit, but lucky for me — and for our clients — Angela soon decided to throw in with Unit’s fledgling design practice. She and I have long had very similar ideas about craft quality and for how a design consultancy should be run, so now we’re working to build the kind of business we’ve always imagined.

If you’ve not seen Angela’s work before, you might care to see her personal portfolio. Over the past few years she has done some terrific designs and redesigns for some of our previous agency’s corporate clients. She was also instrumental in helping that agency to land several important clients, including Maggiano’s, Daisy Brand, Southwest Airlines Pilot’s Association, Preferred Health Systems, Acute Kids Urgent Care, Jani–King, and more. I am fortunate (and just plain thrilled) to be working with her again.

As for our new website, it was redesigned and built by Angela and now reflects our current company makeup far better than the previous, hastily–assembled site I put together initially.

So now we’ve got a busy little office in Plano, a bevy of terrific clients, and as much work as our groovy little Unit can handle. I guess I have to knock on wood, but things really could not be going better and we’re optimistic about the future of Unit Interactive. The first of our more significant projects are just now beginning to finish up and will be appearing in our (currently quite small) portfolio soon.

I have to say that being able to handle all of the client relations directly and control the quality of all of the work that leaves our office is a much better way to spend the work week than either of us were previously accustomed to. This is, by far, the best job I’ve ever had and the most fun I’ve ever had working. But just as important, I think we’re doing the best work we’ve ever done.

So I’m just a little excited and a wee bit happy. Can you tell?


I work and play at Unit Interactive

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