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Redesigning Unit Interactive

January 19, 2009

Brand definition and evolution is the primary reason for our redesign. We began our agency with a clear vision and a strong internal understanding of what the Unit Interactive brand represents. It has, however, taken us a while to form an equally clear vision for how best to articulate those values and brand characteristics through our website. Our original design did not allow for us to express important aspects of our brand as well as we’d like and some pages were not designed to display certain kinds of information in the most effective or appropriate manner.

Last week we launched the redesign of Unit, marking an important milestone in the progression of our company. All of us at Unit —Angela, Nathan, and I—had a hand in this effort and we feel great satisfaction with the results. We thought it might be useful, both as catharsis for us and as inspiration or instructive example to others, to share a bit about our process and goals and to provide insights into some of the details of the results. This article is published in its entirety over at the Unit blog and I sincerely hope you will choose to read it.

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