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Unit Interactive: Labs

July 5, 2008

My fellow Unitards and I have been busy with quite a few things lately, and one of them is our new Unit Interactive Labs site, which we launched today. It is to be a collection of widgets, scripts, and applications that we’re working on, free for the community. Sometimes the products are just essays in trying out something new and sometimes they’re just simpler versions of something we’re making for ourselves or for sale later.

Unit Interactive: Labs screenshot

There is precious little to see as yet, but we’re currently happy to share a couple of nice little widgets with everyone, including a tooltip widget and a super-small, super-powerful .png fix script. Both of these products are largely the result of Nathan’s crafty and nerd-like brain.

The UniTip

Our tooltip widget is called UniTip. It supports all browsers, is easy to deploy, and is surprisingly light-weight. Best of all: it offers you the opportunity to customize it to work well with any of your projects.

The Unit PNG Fix

Our new and improved Unit PNG Fix script is not the only ping fix out there, but it’s maybe the best, smallest, and easiest to use.

I hope that some of you get good use out of these thingies. I sure do. Other products are in development now and will hit every once in a while (including a website management thingy even your mom could use). Be sure to check the Unit Interactive blog for new additions. Until then, visit Unit Interactive Labs and happy tipping and pinging!