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Unit’s New Face and Office Space

May 1, 2008

Since we started eleven months ago, Unit Interactive has been sharing office space with a product marketing company. It has been a pleasant (and quite economical) experience, but we’ve been hungry for our own space and room to stretch our legs. With the acquisition of a new team member, it was time to make the move and get our own place.

As of this week, we’ve officially moved into our new digs in Plano, Texas.

Unit Interactive's front door A view of part of our reception and office

Good fortune, coupled with some good ol’ fashioned hard work, has allowed Angela and I to find and hire a supercool designer/developer (more on him later) and move from our shared space into our own spot. So now we’ve got a sign on the door, food in the fridge, furniture in the offices and reception, and work in the queue. All is right with the world and we’re diggin’ it.

a view into Angela's and my office Angela's workspace
Our New Unitard

We’re thrilled to have recently added a new designer/developer to the UI team. Nathan Ford has been with us for a couple of weeks now and he already has some exciting projects in the works. Aside from his solid design and front-end skills, Nathan will add some serious scripting, flash, and CMS wizardry to our projects. He fits right into our little unit and he’s, well… I’ll let him say it in his own words…

“…A completely hopeless dork, just as apt to geek out over kerning as a tidy page of code. I spend my free time trying to figure out why things work—visually, technically, or psychologically. Not that I have had much free time since graduating from the Communication Design program at UNT two years ago.

“In my first gig as an Art Director for MARC USA, I helped develop print and interactive solutions for brands such as the Corner Bakery, Samsung and Safety-Kleen, as well as lead my fellow creatives through the oft scary funhouse of emerging technologies. Now, I have fully given over my talents to the field of interactive, and the altruists at Unit Interactive have kindly given me a computer and a roof under which I can continue to get excited about design and development, in an environment dedicated to the best of practices.”

As you can see, Nathan is a troubled child with some dork/geek issues to work through. With counseling, however, we think he’ll work out just fine. Welcome Nathan!

Nathan, hard at work on something very important

Above: He's got his coffee, he's got his lunch; Nathan's hard at work on something terribly important.


I can’t reference our success and good fortune without also acknowledging some of the cool folks who have helped us. In addition to our wonderful direct clients, we’ve been fortunate enough to work in partnership with some stellar agencies along the way, including Cody Lindley and his team at Fluid, Ryan Daigle at yFactorial, Peter Flaschner and his team at The Blog Studio in Canada, and Alex Capone and his team at 5site in Britain. We also got some excellent front-end development help from Cameron Skene, formerly of Australia, now of NY (you should totally hire this guy!!).

our office exterior

We’re grateful for the work and friendship with all of these folks and hope we can work together again soon! If you're looking to partner with someone, I highly recommend each and every one of these folks.

So if you’re ever in the Dallas/Plano, Texas area, let us know and drop by for a visit. We’re in the rockin’ little office on the corner with the groovy little unit inside.