My name is Andy.

I design delightful user experiences and effective content strategies that engage people & help intelligent organizations grow.

Currently, I'm redesigning the experience that physicians have with Electronic Medical Record apps, in an effort to improve healthcare for tens of millions of Americans.

I'm from Texas, y'all.

I am contractually prevented from showing much of my work publicly, but here are just a few of my client projects and personal works…

Proverbs 31 Ministries logo

This women's ministry has a complex, content-rich site that I had the pleasure of re-architecting and redesigning. Component to the project I devised a content and product cross-promotion scheme that better revealed the breadth of their offering.

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Proverbs 31 Ministries
Raise Donors
RaiseDonors logo

I worked with the RaiseDonors team to create the UI, UX, and interaction conventions for a new, robust reporting feature; all of which will drive upcoming features.

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Unlocking the Bible logo

As a part of my effort to redesign the entire website for this ministry, I also created a new visual presentation and user experience for the Unlocking the Bible store. Given the requirements of eCommerce, it required many new templates.

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Unlocking the Bible Store
Connect With Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig logo

I worked with the Calvary Albuquerque team to revamp, restructure, and otherwise bring Pastor Skip Heitzig's ministry website into accordance with the quality of the ministry's efforts. The AI and UX redesign included the launch of a new brand identity.

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Capitalism Is logo

And sometimes I do personal projects! Capitalism Is was a pet project of mine to help the increasingly uneducated public get to know the only moral social system ever conceived. The informative mini-site also has a quiz!

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Capitalism Is
Paddlesports Inforgraphic
Kalkomey logo

While working with Kalkomey I was given a heap of boating accident, injury, and fatality statistics for 2013 and asked to create a visually rich, easy-to-understand graphic to share with other organizations within the boating safety industry, with a focus on paddlesports specifically.

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I have a passion for writing

In addition to writing hundreds of articles for magazines and web publications, as well as my own sites, I have authored these books.

Design Professionalism logo

I published "Design Professionalism" in 2011; subtitled, The designer's guide to taking back your profession.

I wrote and published the book because professional disillusionment very much seemed to be a fait accompli for designers. Too much of what passed for compulsory preparation left designers underprepared and mis-prepared for the profession. What's more, designers were and likely still are consistently led astray by both educational institutions and popular social organizations.

My treatise was and still is the only serious work on the topic, for this profession that I hold so dear.

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Design Professionalism

Paddlesports Inforgraphic

Artistic Foundations of Bonsai Design

I published "Artistic Foundations of Bonsai Design" in 2003. It was an outgrowth of my artistic and design understanding meeting my hobby and secondary vocation of bonsai. I actually spent some years as a bonsai professional at nurseries in Texas and Massachusetts.

The book is an effort to help bonsai enthusiasts understand how to use time-honored methods—artistic methods—for producing more successful and meaningful bonsai designs and displays. The text examines in some detail the language of art as applied to bonsai. That examination of what some perhaps mistakenly call the rules of bonsai is meant to explain and expound upon the commonly cited fundamentals of bonsai styling that are referenced in other texts.

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